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The Boiling Hole to become a premier tourist attraction


What is expected to be a premier nature adventure for Grand Bahama, the Bahamas Eco Adventure Park at The Boiling Hole in Hepburn Town, Eight Mile Rock is set to be a one of a kind attraction for both locals and tourists alike. 

According to Iram Lewis, Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama, where The Boiling Hole is located, plans are presently underway to transform the area into one that is not only attractive and appeal to visitors, but also will give residents of the area the opportunity to create economic stability for themselves and their families.

“It is an area that, as far as I am concerned, is connected to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Lover’s Beach, which is to the east of where we are standing right now. 

“One of the ideas is to encourage the locals to benefit from these natural elements and so, we want to enhance the experiences at place like The Boiling Hole, The Lighthouse Point and The Mermaid Pond. One of the immediate plans is to enhance The Boiling Hole,” Lewis said.

“The idea is to create an environment where there is a gazebo, where persons can sit and watch the sunset, where there will eventually be restroom facilities and create a plaza where locals can get their Vendor’s License to sell their local products.

“It will bring people into the area so that everyone that lives in this community can make some money. The idea is to draw a crowd here; to show them that we do have natural beauties that we can benefit from,” revealed Lewis.

Sharing a sketch of the project for The Boiling Hole, Lewis outlined that the proposed development will include stalls for vendors, a boardwalk and other elements that they intend to feature at the site. 

“We hope to repeat the same template in other areas of Grand Bahama, where the eco tourists will have every reason to come to Grand Bahama,” he added.

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Questioned on how soon the Eco Adventure will be operational, Lewis responded, “As you can see, work is underway right now as we have already started bringing in the fill. 

“We already have the design of the gazebo and the rest of the facilities were already approved by the Ministry of Works. We are seeking partnerships with persons that are interested in developing the community. Come out and help us construct the bathrooms; we have fill to put down and railing to put along the boardwalk. 

“We want to make the area around The Boling Hole safe.  We want to make the area as inviting as you can imagine, but we are not doing it in solo.  

“We would like for the entire community to come and partner with us. Once we do it, we would like for it to remain clean so that the Hepburns, the Wildgooses, the Rolles and everyone else that lives in the community can benefit,” he added.

As The Boiling Hole is known as one of the island’s tourist attractions, a local tour company is also eager to see its proposed development come to fruition. 

Freeport Bahamas Adventures Operations Manager Joe Prestigiacomo noted, “We would like to extend to our guests, especially as we work with the cruise lines to give them a taste of The Bahamas. 

“In the past, we already had a tour called the Western Heritage that we would like to continue, including The Lighthouse, The Boiling Hole and Fern Gully. They will also enjoy the beach at Paradise Cove.

“We are very happy to start this new project here, as soon as possible. We have Bahamian guides working with us, and we want to make this as safe as possible for our guests to enjoy this experience,” said Prestigiacomo. 

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