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The plea “not easy being gay in Jamaica” reminds me of the cries of people all over the world who are oppressed and discriminated against simply by virtue of their race, colour, or creed.

These cries are still heard for freedom and justice, whether in racial or class segregated societies that sadly still exist today in many parts of the world.

People are born free, yet everywhere many of them are in chains: shackled by other people’s prejudices and intolerance.

So as liberation fighters set out to fight for their freedom, and that of others; the gay community also fights for its freedom.

So just like how our Jamaican patriots of old demanded an end to slavery; so, the gay community in their quest for freedom, demands ownership of their bodies.

If it is a given that heterosexuals take it for granted that they own their own bodies, then why in the name of equality and justice deny gays the right to own their own bodies?

Ownership of one’s own body comes with joys and sorrows, pain and hurt; but that’s the price we all pay for being humans.

No one’s fundamental rights, even if this includes sexual orientation or gender identify, should be abridged, except when they infringe on, or seek to destroy other people’s fundamental rights.


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