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Public concerned about poverty and high cost of living


By Latrishka Thomas

Government’s record $1.7 billion budget for
2020 has received mixed reviews from the public.

While most praised the large slice afforded to
the education sector, others lamented the absence of beefed-up poverty
alleviation measures.

OBSERVER media hit the streets of St John’s on
Wednesday to gauge views.

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Common concerns included the country’s steep cost
of living, salaries that are too low, and a perceived lack of jobs.

“I work for government and the salary is very
small but the cost of living in Antigua is very high,” said Roger Apparicio.

Another man, by the name of Jahman Martin,
said he believed a vast proportion of people were living in poverty. He urged
government to “get more creative”.

“They need to make the money circulate. They need to create jobs,” Martin added.

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