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Parents must get involved | Letters


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As the public relations officer of a school parent-teacher association (PTA) executive, I would like to appeal to all parents to get involved in their child’s education for the betterment of society, so that we can have a nation of growth through education.

Parents, your child’s education and discipline start at home. Don’t leave it on the teachers to do everything for your child, because when you visit some schools and see the number of children in one class for the teacher to attend to, it is very difficult for them; so parents, play your part.

Children need to also respect every staff member at their school, because many times when I listen to staff members from schools around the island and I hear how children disrespect them and don’t treat them like humans, it is very disheartening.

I call on all PTA committee members to meet with parents on a regular basis, along the children, and instil discipline in the ones who are always misbehaving in school. We, as executive members must do more to help the teachers and principals to direct the schools.

This will help cut crime, because as PTA members, we must also mentor those young boys who come from volatile areas and let them know that there is a better way of life, instead of turning to crime or any other wrongdoing.

I am also suggesting that all schools have extracurricular activities like football, cricket and other sport.



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