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Much are the cries of believers who often times feel picked on during their Christian walk, whether by fellow saints during service, preachers during sermons, or even by the number of uncomfortable visions they have been experiencing.

But one woman, who is teacher by profession, was able to use her field to put into perspective decades’ old concern and to encourage others who may be of the same view.

Dwania Duhaney shared with her Facebook friends, a revelation that she got while in the classroom.

She was referencing a student who received an unusually low grade on a test that she believed to have been manageable, especially for that specific student.

Thinking out loud, Duhaney shared, “It is not that she is not smart, or that she is not competent. She is distracted. In class, she sits near a window in front of her friend who is not as focused, to be honest, and doesn’t listen well or follow instructions. I am going to have to move this girl if I am to get more out of her, and I will put her right under my nose and up under my eyeballs. I am sure she will think I am picking on her, and that she will be uncomfortable for a while, but I am the teacher: I see what I see and I know what I know, so I must intervene.”

In the same breath, she asked the question: Is God picking on you?

“I know a lot of us believe that that is punishment, but scriptures tell us that no chastening seems pleasant in the moment, and that God chastens whom He loves. God wants more out of you. How could you have failed this test again? Come on, now. You have been down this road before. Let’s take a look at your posture for a moment.

One: you are distracted at the window where you sit because when your eyes should be focusing on God, you are looking at everything else, so no wonder you keep failing this test! You are not paying attention!

Two: you are distracted by people. Who are you listening to? The Holy Spirt (The Teacher) or your friend? It is good to have friends! I know, I have a ton of them. But when you spend more time focusing on what friends have to say than what God has to say, that is typical test-failing behaviour. Sometimes too, friends can be used by the enemy. Jesus rebuked Peter, “Get thee behind me Satan” not because He hated Peter, but He realised Peter was being used by the enemy to discourage Him from fulfilling His purpose. Judas was also called a friend, but I will leave that part for Sunday service,” she laughed, before concluding that you cannot hear the teacher while listening to your friends.

Word of encouragement

Duhaney’s word of encouragement, coming from her example, is that if God is moving you from the back to the front, from the side to His side, from the window to before Him, it is going to be uncomfortable.

“It is going to feel picky-picky; but we teachers don’t move students unless we sense trouble, or we want more out of a student. When we have higher standards for you and want to see more progress made, our usual strategy is to move you closer. It is that simple. However you perceive it, it is up to you. The long face is never surprising. We get it: you prefer your comfort zone, but that is a destiny killer. Jesus was a teacher so He knows what He is doing. When you are closer to the Teacher, there are innumerable benefits!

“It is time to humble yourself.

“Exam season is here. Cut out the distractions! No more long face. No more failing grades. Time to move,” she warned.


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