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Absentee refs could face sanctions, says Wint | Sports


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Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) general secretary Dalton Wint says that match officials can be penalised for accepting Red Stripe Premier League matches and not honouring them.

On Sunday, the game between Tivoli Gardens and Waterhouse at the Edward Seaga Complex was called off after 30 minutes because two of four officials failed to show for the game, while the match between Portmore United and Dunbeholden started nearly half-an-hour late because of one official’s tardiness.

But Wint said that while there are presently no rules to reprimand referees if they decide to take industrial action, as they did in the last round of Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) fixtures, they cannot break their contractual duties to the JFF. He added that in most instances, the JFF sits with these officials and discusses their concerns and see how best they can move forward.

A disciplinary matter

“They do have the right to refuse a game for personal reasons. But they don’t have the right to take the appointment and don’t turn up. That becomes a disciplinary matter,” he said.

He reasoned that match officials are affiliates of the JFF and, in the interest of the local game, should not be allowed to strike.

“They understand that to move forward, they have to participate in whatever activities we have,” he said. “If they are appointed, they must honour that appointment, unless they say they are unavailable because of things they can’t do anything about. You can’t force people who have personal commitment to stop from setting an appointment. But what they can’t do is get the appointment, accept the appointment and don’t turn up, that becomes a disciplinary issue.”

Wint says usually match officials with concerns are asked to communicate their troubles and have dialogue.

“All the officials should bring their concerns,” Wint said. “Then we will have a discussion and see what transpired and caused that (strike) to happen.

Wint said that although the referees’ payments came in last week Friday, it was expected that monies would not have been available until sometime this week.

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