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Bishop Browne declines invitation to anti-buggery laws convention


By Shermain Bique-Charles


President of
the Antigua and Barbuda Council of Church Leaders and Head of The Christian
Ministries Center, Bishop Charlesworth Browne has turned down an
invitation to an Intimate Conviction Convention in Barbados with three words —
“no thank you”.

The organisers of the conference invited
pastors, bishops and priests to the gathering to discuss anti-buggery laws in
the Caribbean.

Apparently, the Barbadian organisers,
Fr Sean Major-Campbell and Fr Clifford Hall, said they note with alarm the
heightened and sometimes hostile anti-LGBT rhetoric that is being generated by
some religious leaders across the Caribbean, which is in response to current
and impending challenges to regional anti-sodomy laws.  

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According to them, as people of
faith “we believe that Christians should show the world how to respectfully
disagree and we are therefore troubled that some of the language being
used by clerics who oppose decriminalisation will incite violence against LGBT

As such, the organisers are urging
all Caribbean bishops, pastors and priests to exercise restraint, even if they
express their opposition to ending laws that criminalise consensual same-sex

But Bishop Browne told OBSERVER media that he has no interest in any such conference, since his position on the topic will not change.

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