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Solution to ISSA schoolboy football’s tight schedule | Letters


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In regard to a recent complaint from Jerome Waite about the effect of the tight schedule of the schoolboy football on his Charlie Smith team, I decided to put forward my idea.

ISSA sets certain requirements for students to achieve before they can represent their school in football, which is good, while at the same time lowering the standard of the Ben Francis and Walker Cup to losers.

Great men like Mr Francis and Mr Walker would be disappointed if they were still around at this time.

With the tight schedule and interference of lightning, etc, ISSA should merge the Ben Francis and Walker Cup and name it Ben Walker Champion League and scrap the new champion league.

The qualifiers for the Ben Francis and Walker Cup would play in one league, the Ben Walker Champion League, which would consist of rural and urban qualifiers.

Less competition, more rest for quality games, and no lowering of competition standard for losers. It’s a win-win situation. Mr Ben and Mr Walker would live on. Rural and urban in one competition can’t lose if all stakeholders agree.


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