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'It feels like Dominica is finished': life amid the ruins left by Hurricane Maria | Janise Elie


With almost every building damaged or reduced to rubble, no power and little water, survivors of September’s storm are relying on shelters and a trickle of aid

When it rains or the wind blows in the tiny fishing village of Scotts Head, the youngest residents run for cover. With Dominica’s once-lush landscape deeply scarred by the unprecedented fury of Hurricane Maria only weeks earlier, the signs of nature’s wrath are everywhere and felt by everyone.

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“The children are terrified the hurricane will return – we all are. Everybody is still in shock,” says Guadiosa Ytac, 49, who left London for the Caribbean more than a decade ago.

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Most of my friends’ homes are damaged – and some don’t even have a home any more

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