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Spick and span Charles Gordon Market reopens today | News


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Vendors and shoppers are now heaping praise on the management team at the Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay, St James, for a clean-up exercise undertaken to curb the potential spread of the novel coronavirus.

The market, which was closed on Saturday afternoon to facilitate sanitisation, is scheduled to be reopened on Tuesday morning.

Overjoyed vendors said that they had never witnessed some areas of the market been cleaned.

“Mi love fi see de way how dem approach the cleaning a di market,” said Joyce Clarke.

“Although it haffi tek coronavirus fi dem clean it, but wi have some place een yah like round a Gun Court, weh from mi a come a market over the past 10 years, dem place deh neva clean yet.”

Mickoyan Robinson, the market manager, told The Gleaner that his team had worked the entire weekend to ensure that the compound and its surroundings were spick and span.

“Based on the coronavirus happenings, we have taken certain precautions at the Charles Gordon Market, as we want to be proactive, so we have limited the market time, and are managing the flow of traffic – both from pedestrians and motorists – within the market circle,” said Robinson.

The market manager said that the streets were scoured with the help of units from the St James Fire Department and the municipal corporation. Vendors were reregistered, six handwashing sinks were installed, and spraying conducted, Robinson said.

“We have seen where the vendors have shown great satisfaction, so we have decided to make this cleaning a general every-month practice, …. not just against COVID-19,” she added.

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