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It is apparent to me that the Honourable Prime Minister, Mr Andrew Michael Holness is attempting to pass the buck as it relates to the increase in major crimes, mainly murders now gripping the country.

Having read his comments as delivered by a recent Gleaner article under the headline ‘Crime Above Our Capacity’, which was attributed to the prime minister, I was left disgusted by his complete lack of forthrightness on this very matter.

So, I agree, crime in Jamaica is not a recent phenomena, but as leader of the country, one would expect that Mr Holness would firstly accept the responsibility that the widely used states of public emergency and zones of special operations, the so-called special security measures he has been banking on, has failed most miserably.

Murders have ballooned some 10 per cent since the start of 2020 alone and even so, the prime minister is yet to declare his special measures have been a grand waste of the public’s money.

As for his spectacularly announced investments of about $2 billion into the national security budget for the new fiscal year, it is evidently clear to me, as a private citizen, that it will be more of the same policies, except a whole lot costlier.


I recommend two things: one, that the prime minister owns up to the failure of his national security plan, if there was one in the first place; and two, that along with the national security council, revisit policing methods being used in the fight against crime, while at the same time, reinvent the Government’s social intervention policy.

Further, I suggest that instead of wasting time with partisan political statements in social media space, that you, Mr Prime Minister use your incredible sway to pump positive messages to the people about the required social responsibility, family values, respect for law, order and decency needed to lift us out of the crime-infested state we are currently in.

Stand up, be the leader you want us to believe you are, Mr Prime Minister. Lead and stop trying to pass the buck.


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