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Drastic actions necessary to stop terrorists | Letters


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I am an old man. I spent the first twenty four years of my life here in Jamaica under British rule. As a young man, I could walk from Rialto on Windward to Four Roads on Molynes Road, St Andrew at midnight without any fear of being molested. During this period, cat-o-nine and hanging were used to maintain order.

The origination of the city state was based on providing a safe area for its citizens. Since independence, successive Jamaican governments have failed to do so for our people. We must now barricade ourselves in our homes and live in fear that at anytime our lives can be snuffed out.

Over a thousand murders with illegal guns each year, and rising.

It is my opinion that the solution to return civility to our lives requires a drastic change in approach to this dire situation.

My recommendations are as follows:

1). A law must be passed to declare the holder of an illegal gun as a terrorist.

2). The Jamaican Government must declare a state of war against terrorists.

3). The Jamaican army must engage the terrorists and be given special jurisdiction over these operations.

4). Captured terrorists must be tried and sentenced by a panel of three senior members of the army.

5). A special area of incarceration must be established at Up Park Camp.

We cannot enjoy the nutrients in the egg without breaking the shell. We cannot return to the safety and the full potential of our people to live and enjoy a prosperous life until we break the stranglehold of these terrorists.


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