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‘Symmetry is key’, says Christie | News


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TALENT SPOTLIGHT: Youthlink Honey Bun High Achievers School Tour

Honey Bun High Achiever Chris Christie is seemingly a hands-on individual – finding more compatibility with a job that keeps him interactive and on the move, rather than sitting restfully at a desk in an air-conditioned environment.

Christie, a student at the Frome Technical High School, welcomes the opportunity to share his love for welding, as well as where he plans to take his skills while he continues to develop as a welder.

“Welding allows me to work with my hands rather than at the desk. I like doing manly things, and for me, welding is a male oriented subject,” he said.

“I’ve learnt a lot of things since I’ve entered this class. My teacher, Mr Love, has taught me many things, but most important, he has taught me the necessary disciplines a welder must have in order to carry out his duties effectively and competently. It’s not just about mending iron to iron, welding is also very calculative and you must take care to do precise measurement to meet your objectives. Symmetry is very important.”

Christie continued, “I hope that within three years I will become a professional welder in the mechanical technology industry, or working on my own, owning my own company. So far, I’ve been doing a lot of welding stints outside of class. I work mostly on Saturdays and holidays, not necessarily because I want money, but because I have a love and drive for what I do.”

He also noted that he gradually receives assistance from his close friend Maurice Robinson, who assists him with painting, cutting the metals, and installation.

He further noted that he is thankful for the Youthlink Honey Bun High Achievers Tour and Sparkling Cran Wata for putting on this tour.

– Rushaine Clarke

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