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Pearnel is doing what he was born to do – Dr Patrece Charles | News


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It was a rock-solid family support for Pearnel Charles Jr on Wednesday, as he was officially nominated as the candidate for the South East Clarendon constituency at the Vere Technical High School.

Surrounded by his wife, doting father Pearnel Charles Sr, three of his sisters – Michelle, Carol and Patrece – as well as his mother Gloria, the young politician was the picture of confidence as he pledged to work hard to his cheering supporters.

Dr Patrece Charles said there are no words to describe the joy she felt watching her brother.

“When we found out that Pearnel was going to be given the opportunity to represent South East Clarendon, it was nothing more than him realising his destiny, because this is what we were born to do,” she told The Gleaner.

According to her, the people think they are just getting the son of Pearnel Charles Sr, but it’s more than that. She said they will be getting a member of parliament who is going to be dedicated to them in every way, shape and form.

“And he isn’t just bringing himself to South East Clarendon, you know, he is bringing his family. So what we look to do for Daddy in North Central Clarendon and Eastern St Thomas, we are going to be doing for Pearnel,” she shared, pointing out that with her background in counselling and public health, she will be working with families in the constituency.


“It’s a family affair, and that’s the advantage we have over a lot of other members of parliament,” Dr Charles simply stated.

Trying to put words to the emotion she felt on Wednesday, the sister said when she saw Pearnel and the tremendous crowd support around him, she said to herself, “this is right, it felt right, it looked right.”

Big sis has no doubts that when the time comes, her brother will deliver, noting that he is a hard worker and one who is good with coming up with sustainable ideas.

“He brought tears to my eyes, ‘cause I was so genuinely moved by his sincerity when he was speaking to the people. I am just happy for him that at a young age he is getting the opportunity to do what he was born to do,” said Dr Charles.


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