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Deportation is a cruel punishment for ex-offenders and their families | Letters


Letters: Treating other countries as receptacles for unwanted individuals does little to enhance the UK’s global image, says Trista Selous. Plus, a letter from Bernard Besserglik

People whose offences took place years ago and who have lived within the law ever since are not “dangerous foreign criminals”, and it is disgusting to see them labelled as such by the government (Home Office charter flights for deportations cost £12,000 per person, 13 February). The blanket approach of deporting ex-offenders who grew up in the UK but were never naturalised amounts to a second punishment – for the individuals and their British families. It is cruel, and its impact on the financial security and mental health of those involved may rebound on the rest of society.

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It would be interesting to hear Jamaican views of this policy. Were they consulted? The only obvious use of these deportations is for propaganda – the British government is “doing something about immigration”. The deportations also cast a harsh light on the government’s refusal to take responsibility for the British citizen Shamima Begum, on the grounds that she has a right to (but not actual) citizenship of another country that she has never been to and doesn’t want her.

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