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Decline in allocation to fight corruption | News


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The agency established by the Government to detect, investigate, prevent, and prosecute acts of corruption has received an eight percentage-point reduction in allocation for the 2020-2021 financial year when compared with the previous fiscal year.

This year, the sum of $766.7 million has been earmarked in the Estimates of Expenditure for the Integrity Commission, compared with the $833.9 million that was allocated for the corruption oversight body last year.

The Integrity Commission is expected to recruit permanent staff for at least three senior positions this year. At present, David Grey is the acting head of the investigation division; Joy Powell, the acting director of information and complaints, and Keisha Prince, deputy director of public prosecutions, has been seconded to the commission as director of corruption prosecutions for six months.

Yesterday, leader of government business in the House of Representatives, Karl Samuda, named members of the Lower House who will comprise a joint select committee that will receive reports from the Integrity Commission and provide oversight for the commission of Parliament.

The members from the Lower House are Delroy Chuck, chairman; Marlene Malahoo Forte; Everald Warmington; Marisa Dalrymple Philibert; Leslie Campbell; Fitz Jackson; Mark Golding; and Mikael Phillips. The Senate is to name its members shortly.

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