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Urgency needed on early childhood education | Letters


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Successive governments since independence continue to neglect the imperative and/or paramount importance of a good early childhood background. Regrettably so, we have been experiencing poor preparation, caring and/or managing what we sow; there is absolutely no way you can plant thorn and expect to get logwood.

The statistics will show that at least 60 per cent of our high school graduates since independence desperately need readmission to various institutions for rehabilitation and/or privileges who are being deprived of a good early childhood foundation.

Research will prove that their receptiveness at the primary and high school levels are very poor, so a continuity of this sort would bear fruits that become eye-catching and appealing but not in the magnitude or the quantity that is needed to enhance growth in any form and/or fashion.

I use the army and the police force as an example. The continued training of a soldier has been proven throughout the world that they are some of the most disciplined servants of the public, as against the police whose training do not have long-term continuity.

In brief, the large sum of money budgeted to buy equipment and increase the security personnel alone will not solve the problem. While there might be a need to increase the security personnel in number, there is no reason to neglect the fact that prepared minds will become receptive to civility.

These platforms have been tested and proven over many centuries across the world. There can be no room for draconian behaviour at this time. Impulsive and/or repulsive leadership will fail.


We cannot sit and allow those who have been entrusted with the affairs of the country to continue to neglect some of the salient needs and/or issues that affect the large cadre of people that are of African descent, who are forced to live in very adverse circumstances. In many instance, no proper water supply, no proper roadway, poor drainage supply system, no electricity or telephone, and basic schools without trained teachers continue to contribute to the deprivation of those who carry the blunt of the day-to-day adversities.

I call on the Opposition to demand a sit-down to address the matter. We need a very broad-based approach, starting with tradition and non-traditional assemblies in Christ, the private sector, Rastafarians, Islam, and all religions.

I strongly believe an assembling that reflects the people in its entirety should be able to come up with a very Christ-felt aim and objective that should direct the path and/or the way forward.


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