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Abortion is never the answer | Letters


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As a Jamaican born and raised in Jamaica with a disability, I often wonder what we will be like 50 years from now. Living in the United States has opened up my eyes to endless possibilities as it relates to our children and adults alike living with different types of disabilities. I am always sensitive to the reality of the age differences between Jamaica and other countries that have been independent for decades, if not centuries. These countries would have already gone through periods of highs and lows.

At this stage in our independence walk as a nation, we question whether or not we should legalise abortion. Yes, we see other nations doing it, but why should we consider legalising such a cruel act? I know we are at a crossroads in regards to this issue, but is it really worth it? If our fear is that teenage girls will get pregnant before the appropriate time, why not put our energy into creating safe environments for our girls to learn about sex in a healthy way? If our fear is that we don’t have enough resources for the disabled, then let’s come up with strategies for dealing with these issues. Yes, we are a young country with a long way to go, but look how far we’ve come!

Abortion is never the answer. Each life has bountiful significance.

René Lambert

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