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TD criticizes referees over ‘very poor’ standard


Neto Baptiste

The standard of refereeing in the ongoing
Premier Division football competition has come in for harsh criticism by the
country’s technical director, Rolston

In a recent interview, Williams labelled the
standard of officiating in the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA)
hosted competition “very poor”.

“I think that the standard of referees must
improve; the standard of refereeing has been very poor and needs to improve in
terms of the decision making. The ABFA has a chairman of referees and all of
the time I let him know my opinion [on the officiating],” he said.

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Williams, who has had his share of
confrontations with officials in the country’s domestic leagues, said he is
however pleased with the standard of play in the top flight.

“I think we have been playing some good
football for the season thus far. I think we have seen some real competitive
matches but you are not going to have all good games. I think all in all, we
have seen some very good football,” he said. 

The TD also revealed his personal feelings
where it regards to a cap being placed on the importation of players during the
domestic competition.

“I am satisfied with the teams bringing any
amount of players that they want to bring but, like I said before, we have to
look at a reasonable [cap] in terms of how we are going to look at our younger
players. Some people say three and some people say five, but I will say four
players [imported] on the pitch at a time,” Williams said.

The Premier Division is at its halfway mark
with Greenbay Hoppers and Grenades leading on 19 points each.

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