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Your marriage is the greatest investment | News


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Your marriage is your greatest investment and is also your biggest asset; greater than stocks and bonds. You have the ability to ensure that there is no depreciation nor loss of value taking place in any way. If most people within our society, particularly the executives, would treat their marriage the way they treat other kinds of investments, we would have a better society, because each time such an investment goes down, it affects the entire nation and even has impact on crime and violence. The Bible says, if a man cannot rule his own house well, how will he manage the house of God. Managing your household well also impacts every other aspect of the nation’s operations. Marriage must also be the number-one criteria for selecting persons for office. People need to know their lifestyle, since our lifestyles have an impact on our ultimate success.

There are those who have a wife or husband on one hand, and the girlfriend or boyfriend on the other hand, without realising that these things have a negative impact on the area of management

Leave The Baggage Behind

One of the main problems affecting marriages is the baggage brought to the marriage. It is easy to blame the other party while we refuse to deal with the baggage within their lives. The hurt, betrayal and failures – we tend to bring them all into the present marriage relationship and begin to blame the present relationship for the shortfalls. We are bringing our past into our future and that it is why it hinders us from having a good future. It makes no sense to punish the present relationship for the things/issues of the past in which they had no part. It is unfair to accuse and mistreat your husband or wife today for the problems you had in the past.


Communication is the key for a successful marriage. However, one thing I have realised with communication is that there cannot be good communication without God. Communication goes beyond academic qualifications, because understanding a person is not about who is more intelligent, it is spiritual. So if one is very low spiritually and the other is at a higher level, spiritually speaking, then here will be problems. It now becomes an issue of being unequally yoked. A cow and a donkey don’t usually work well together because their focus and their goals are different, so they will be going in two different directions. It is much the same as a Christian being married to a Rastafarian, or an unsaved person, or to someone who believes that the universe is God. At this point, there will be many problems. One may also want to do immoral things as their priority, when a Christian cannot do such things.


Sex is very important. While most are afraid to discuss this topic, and experiences frustrations and attacks, they still try to enjoy it. We should not be ignorant to the various laws being passed to come against the benefits and blessings that come with this beautiful gift from God.

Many suffer fatigue/tiredness, issues with their reproductive system and genitals, issues in the area of male health, women’s health, and many are paying millions to lure others into sexually immoral activities, including masturbation, in addition to the various sites, social networks, sexting, media and music designed to entice the recipient.

These things are causing chaos globally. Many are getting into serious legal problems because they are falling morally. It is critical for husbands and wives to ensure they do not withhold from or deny their partners sex.

One of the pillars for a good marriage is a stable sex life, which brings happiness and joy, because we were created in such a way that this God-given gift of sex allows us to relieve the tensions and stresses of life, bring joy to the marriage, and keeps us healthy and balanced.

Remember that in order to have a successful marriage, the bond between husband and wife must be stronger than the parent-child bond. Furthermore, the married couple must be closer to each other than they are to their parents.

Marriage is an incredible investment for anyone willing to enjoy this blessing. Invest in your marriage.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including ‘End Time Finance’ and ‘The New Millionaire’.

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