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Alleged sexual assault victim gets emotional on witness stand


By Latrishka Thomas

A security officer who was allegedly a victim
of sexual crimes, could not contain her tears as she recounted the events of
January 7th 2018.

The Jamaican woman was the first witness to take
the stand in the High Court trial, on Monday, against the two men who are accused
of sexually violating her.

It is said that at around 2 am on the date of
the alleged offence, the victim was walking along Popeshead Street and was attempting
to hitch a ride by putting out her hand, when the two accused stopped and
agreed to give her a ride.

However, they reportedly went past her stop,
turned up the music and rolled up the windows of the vehicle to prevent anyone
from hearing her screams.

In her recount of the events, the alleged
victim said that on the day in question she ran out of gas while travelling
along Popeshead Street and had to hitch-hike.

She said the men agreed to take her to
Brownies Bakery on Lower All Saints Road, saying that they were headed to the
Jam Dung Night Club on Lower Nevis Street.

But instead of letting her out at the agreed
destination, they made a right at the bakery and headed into Gray’s Farm.

According to the witness, they sped off
despite her yelling and begging for them to stop. They stopped at the
round-a-bout in Five Islands where they committed the crimes.

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She further detailed the alleged incident
saying that the driver came out of the car and held her down in the back seat
while penetrating her with his fingers.

She said the passenger, even though he was
telling the driver to cease, reached behind to touch her as well.

The victim also said that the driver
threatened her by holding a Guinness bottle to her face.

After they were done, the driver told her to
come out of the vehicle but she refused, telling them to take her back to where
they had picked her up and that she threatened to contact the police.

The men then drove off and left her at a taxi
stand, and a taxi driver then helped her to contact the police.

One of the men is facing a charge of serious
indecency for fondling with the woman’s privates and the other, indecent
assault for touching her chest.

Both are also charged with unlawful

The trial is expected to conclude early this

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