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PayCab Passenger App is finally here!!!


PayCab, a location-based mobile application inspired by Uber technology is being introduced to Antigua. The new mobile app, created by the Caribbean technological genius of Sherwin Jupiter puts the convenience of safe vehicular mobility and access to islanders in the palm of their hands.

It comes as the first official mobile application, since Uber, to be introduced in the Caribbean and creates an avenue for seamless trickle-down empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Speaking to the motive behind the technology, mobile app developer Sherwin Jupiter said he has long battled with the nuisances of living without the convenience of a car and most importantly the battles of giving directions to not so familiar locations.
Jupiter is renowned for exceptional app development across the OECS including the innovative Mealoop app in Saint Lucia, the first of its kind comprehensive news app Antigua Chronicle, the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) mobile app, Pointe FM Radio and Antigua Carnival App.

He says his love for technology and self-teaching has created an appreciation for the many benefits associated with the growth of tech in the Caribbean and access to avenues that can propel the region to levels on par with more developed countries.
“I continue to admire the rapid growth of technology, but what has been most exciting for me over the years is learning how it all comes together. And it has been a long and exciting road of learning, discovery and appreciation for the work behind the PayCab,” Jupiter said.
The developer explains that the app goes deep into in the realms of convenience with its Google-powered Global Positioning Systems (GPS) integration that links driver and passenger in real time and even offers customers the opportunity to pay safely without the use of cash.
“We have really worked long and hard to ensure that we provide a balanced service and tried out absolute best to cover as many bases as possible. The great thing is that we have a great teacher in Uber and we have learnt and continue to learn a lot. So, as a startup we are convinced that what we’re bringing to the market is solid and something that consumers would be comfortable with and confident in using,” Jupiter said.
Jupiter cited a recent Bata testing exercise which saw the successful use of the application in bringing father and daughter together, with the unassuming parent not having to compromise between work and rush-hour traffic.

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Local entrepreneurs with valid drivers’ licenses and comprehensively insured vehicles are able to take advantage of the entrepreneurial benefits of PayCab by registering in a fast and easy manner. While each application is subject to review and approval, Jupiter assures that all qualified drivers are clearly listed for users to see with information like the colour, make and model of their registered vehicles, along with the license plate numbers and even a photo of the driver and his driver’s license information being accessible.
“I believe safety and reassurance is of utmost importance and it is imperative that we know who we are riding with and who we are trusting our loved-ones with,” Jupiter said, citing real-time GPS tracking of all vehicles on duty by administrators and those specific to individuals who booked a ride. He said the GPS tracker remains active from the moment a driver accepts the service to the moment a customer is successfully transferred.
The paperless transaction brings, he stresses, added safety and security and customers need only enter their information once, just like Uber, with the app retaining what is necessary for future transfers. Drivers are then paid by PayCab directly. Cash transactions are also optional but not necessarily recommended.

Among the registered PayCab drivers is young upcoming musician Christopher Howell who has embrace the entrepreneurial advantages of the technology that allows him to invest in the necessary studio time to stardom while maintaining an income that he controls.
“What I like about PayCab is that I get to work in my own time. I get to do my music and I get to make some money on the side. And it’s not like a 9 to 5 where I am committed to one place. I love to drive. It clears my mind and lets my creativity flow and I get to earn while doing it,” Howell said.
App developer Sherwin Jupiter says all PayCab prices are in keeping with approved Antigua & Barbuda taxi rates and assures that it does not take away from the haven of registered taxi operators, but rather expands their clientele base since they too can take advantage of the technology.

PayCab is available for immediate download and comes in two folds with individual apps available for both passenger and driver, each creating a perfect marriage for a seamless experience.

Download PayCab here – http://smarturl.it/paycab

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